Actor position resetting on mouse movement.


I’m having difficulty figuring out what I’m doing wrong. Below is the blueprint for my drag and drop action. I have square actors that spawn randomly on a field. I can hold down left click to pick up and move the actors and then release left click to drop them at the new location.

The issue arises when I move my mouse cursor too quickly. The actor will reset its position to where it was picked up from and the gate remains open instead of releasing. I’ve been searching for a solution, but to no avail.


the problem is the Z of the object, you should not update the Z of the actor as the same time you are updating the X and Y, I resolved a similar problem creating a bool that checks what values are being updated, and, if it is updating the Z, I deactivate the X and Y, and vice-versa

I tried creating a sequence, it just makes the actor vibrate rapidly when trying to move it.

I figured out what was causing it to not move at all. Turns out when physics are enabled, the actor cannot be moved.

Conversely, the mouse interaction content example works perfectly fine with physics enabled. Howcome mine won’t?