Actor placed on level with overried properties, which function to override to make use of them

My problem is fairly easy.

I have a character that have bunch of exposed attributes to override. For example consitution, intelligence, etc.

I have also attributes like Health, Energy etc. These are derived attributes that are not set directly, instead they use simple formula like this:

DerivedAttributes.MaxHealth = ((BaseAttributes.Constitution - 10) / 2) * AttributeHelpers.HealthPerConstitution + AttributeHelpers.BaseHealth;

When I set all needed attributes in Blueprint, it all works fine.

But when I place said blueprint on level, and change attributes here, it doesn’t work. It still pick up attributes from base blueprint.

Is there any function that initialize actor when placed on level to make changes, that I can override to get behavior I want ?

Ahh never mind. I know posting here will make it, me to find my answer (;.

I need to override:

virtual void OnConstruction(const FTransform& Transform);

Or BeginPlay()