Actor not relevant on server?

Hey guys. Its a larger question about networking I guess but I’ll present you my current situation. Still not entirely familiar with how networking works so bear with me.

I spawn a character for every controller (listen server scenario, so listen server and client get a char)
The character, in his bp, spawns a sword actor for himself behind an authority node (only on server, replicates to client)

Both sword and character are set to replicate and replicate movement.

IE. both players get a char and a sword, both created on server and replicated from server to client afaik.

My sword actor has a little collision box with physics.

So in this case, I attach a keypress that goes to a Run On Server event, which asks the “Get Physics Linear Velocity” of the sword (could be anything, I dont think this is where the problem lies) and prints it
The sword is moving with the idle animation because its tied to the skeleton of the character, so I should 100% get non-zero results.

When I press the button on listen server window for the “listen servers chars sword” - I get correct results always.
When I press the button on the client, to ask the server what it thinks the velocity of the servers version of the client sword is, it returns 0 every now and then, and correct results other times. (1)
However, if I move my client character away from the “listenserver char”, or out of its vision (screen), it returns 0 always. (2) I’m assuming the latter has something to do with relevancy, but I dont get it.



So whats going on? Can someone ELI5 cause at this point I feel like I need that, heh. Shouldnt the server always be aware of everything? (ie no relevancy?)
Also can someone explains the steps that lead the 1st case scenario to return 0 every now and then?

Thank you so much, and if you need to see additional settings or bp or whatever, let me know.

I hope its okay to give this a bit of a bump. Apologise if not.

It miiiiigght have something to do with enabling “Reliable” on the RPC event, if you haven’t done so already.

My second thought would be that “Get Physics Linear Velocity” is returning 0 because no physics is actually being applied to the sword. Where you do a see > 0 number could be when the character himself moves with physics and the same values would be “applied” across the character as a whole.

At this stage it is only speculation, but If you can post some images for your setup that would help narrow down the cause :slight_smile:

Thank you first off! Thought the same thing first, but set to reliable it behaves the same. (also odd that it would start returning only 0 when not rendered in the listen server window)

About the velocity/physics - when I do the same function and ask the about the listenservers char’s sword, it always returns a value. As far as my testing it just returns the speed that the sword is moving, which is always at least a small value because of the idle animation of the char. (nonzero at least) so I think it can’t be that.

I’ll get some more pictures of the blueprints tonight I think, will post back!