Actor Local Offset movment after game paused

Im using AddActorLocalOffset to move my pawn around the world and Ive notice that when I Set Game Pause everything is paused but not the pawn,
Ive tried to do a event tick with branch with conditon is game paused if ture I set the Delta Location to 0 but still not working. Ive also tried to set all movement variables to 0 but the pawn still moving when game is paused.

Anyone have idea how I can make the pawn stop his movement when game is paused?

Thanks for answers in advanced <3

Set Game Paused not stoping the event tick event and I used it to move my pawn thats why my pawn didnt stop to move after I paused the game.
I set the movment variables to zero before I pause the game and set them back before unpause the game using Flip Flop.