Actor is going through the box collision
that’s the actor
and that’s what’s happening

and this is the character

Hello.I placed 2 actors with box collision (block all), and the character is going through them (the character is set to block all too).How can i solve this?

By default this does not happen:

Image from Gyazo

So the question really is:

What else are you doing?

If you’re using a movement component, the static mesh collision will have no effect (on movement) here. The collision happens at the root level - the inherited capsule component.

Check my answer here:

So, what i have to do?

You need to set the root collision properly. Atm it’s the capsule at the top of the list, either adjust or replace it with another collision volume that you find more suitable.

Since you’re inheriting this from something else, you will need to do it in the parent, most likely.