Actor invisible+stuck in Standalone game

My game works fine PIE/new editor window but in standalone mode I don’t see my actor (it’s third-person) and I can’t move either. I’ve made sure I’ve set the default game mode to my game in both ‘project settings’ and ‘world settings’.

Looking at some previous threads on the Answers hub it seems “cast to” nodes are often the culprit here (apparently you need to make sure you’ve cast your actors to your specific player and not just a generic actor) but I’ve scoured through my blueprints and can’t find a potential issue.

How would you advise going about debugging this? I’m not able to find where the log files for standalone are stored so knowing that would help as well (assuming the logs are help point to the problematic BP node[s])

Thanks for your thoughts!

Bump, anyone know where to find logs for play in standalone game? That will get me started in the right direction.


You have a few options available for debugging. You can turn on Output logs by going to Window>Output logs. This will allow you to see what is happening as it happens. Another option that might be useful is to have the blueprint in question open in the blueprint editor. Once you start the game you can watch the output lines and track what is occurring and when. Finally, your logs can be found in the filepath \UnrealProjects\PROJECTNAME\saved\logs.

Thanks Adam. The issue went away after I fixed some unrelated BP corruption/crashing issues (I deleted all instances of my character BP and its derived classes from my map). I never got a chance to look at the logs for postmortem purposes so I’m not sure what went wrong.

On a separate note I’m seeing some nasty character blueprint corruption issues that others have also reported but I’ll create a new thread for discussing that specific problem.