Actor disappearing when moving camera?

Hey all,

i got a weird UE4 bug on my hands i think:
I spawn two buildings (one for each player) on the server when starting the game. Everything works fine, i can see both buildings on the sever and the client. Now the buggy part:

Whenever i move the clients camera (attached to a spring arm) to close to the servers building the building suddenly disappears on the client. This weird behavior only happens in this combination. (On the server all buildings are still visible and the clients building does not despawn when i get too close).This also happens when i zoom out.

I will upload a video on YT to demonstrate this behaviour (link follows soon)
Here the link to the video: UE4 Bug - YouTube

Whats up with that weird behaviour?? The buildings (and all their components) are fully replicated.

What i tried so far:

  • increased “bounds scale” to 10 in the rendering tab
  • double checked if everything is replicated

I really dont know whats going on here so any help is appreciated!