Actor/Component won't destroy via Widget Blueprint

As you can see in these two images I’m attempting to destroy the referenced component* although it says actor, I was merely trying to get some form of results but alas. The goal of the blueprint is that it’s meant to destroy a component after a button being clicked but for some reason the message is received but never goes through the destruction process, I have tested with breakpoints and it is being received. Wasn’t able to find any similar problems through my searching, I feel it may have to do with variable that I used within the Widget Event Graph, it was a reference of the blueprint that I was attempting to remove the component from.

P.S. I attempted a visibility toggle as well with the same result of nothing happening.
Also on a side note does anyone know a way in order to re-add a component to the scene it was on, I’m going for a customisation menu where the buttons toggle equipment on and off.
All help is appreciated

You are using a reference to your Proto Mesh, inside your widget, and are trying to destroy the object pointed in this reference.

In what part of your code do you set this variable to an existing reference? Try printing this variable to see if it is referencing correctly to the actor.