Actor Blueprint not transferring / behaving with Spawn

Hello, this is my first week using UE and I’m having a blast. I am trying to use Visual BluePrints to create my first FPS, just trying to wrap my head around this because I would like to understand how these events can properly work so I can make some games.

I have ran into an issue and need help.

What I would like to achieve is:

  • Have a Collision Box Trigger to a Sprite Actor BP (Trash1) and upon an Event Action (“E”-Interact) only,
  • Display Text upon Collision and Display NoText on CollisionEnd
  • Spawn another Sprite Actor BP (Trash2) at Trash1 Location
  • Rotation of Trash2 towards the Player Camera (so the 2D image faces the screen)
  • Spawn another Sprite Actor BP (BazookaAmmo) next to Trash 1 or 2 Location
  • Destroy Trash1

This event is also linked up to see if the player is near Cabinet1 with a Branch and I would like it to perform somewhat similar, opening the doors in a single frame with no animation at the closed door locaiton, dropping an item, and destroying the closed doors.

I was able to get the Text to display, and get the Trash1 and CabinetDoors destroyed.

Though when I spawn an actor, none of the Events I have setup on the Sprite BPs or any basic settings I have plugged in are getting copied over or translated to the new Spawned Actor Blueprints when they are spawned. I’m getting an error that says the mobility is not enabled on my SpriteBPs, and they are. Trash2 does not rotate towards camera, and I cannot pickup BazookaAmmo nor does it rotate towards camera after they are spawned because of this event.

When I place the Trash2 and BazookaAmmo BPs in game they function as intended with the Tick ActorRotation and the Ammo pickup with overlap.

Any help would be appreciated!


I figured out a work around from this to what I wanted to accomplish instead of using Spawn. I can have my BP Objects in game and placed where the player cannot see, and simply use SetActorLocation of my BP Objects. :slight_smile: