Actor Animation

I’m sure I’m missing something quite obvious and going right over my head. I’m trying to figure out how to place animated actors or animate existing actors before or after a character action in a level. Take for example the game Warframe - I have linked a few clips that show pretty much what I would like to accomplish. I have gone through resource after resource trying to find a solution or something to point me in the right direction, but I only end up getting to skeleton meshes and animated bones.

My thought is that the lids on chests or the doors on lockers, are separate ‘meshes’, and they activate a ‘timeline’ to adjust its ‘location’ after completing an ‘action’ - could this be the solution? I feel like there has to be something more dedicated to animation, being such a large part of level design…

Example clips from Warframe (Which was created in UE :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Hmm, would anyone be able to show me a basic example or point me towards a tutorial I could watch\read for methods on accomplishing the items in the clips?