Active Items

If I need the player to be able to pick up and use abilities, and the player can only have 2 abilities at once, how should I handle making these abilities? I need them to function basically like spacebar items in the Binding of Isaac, they fill up an inventory slot, you activate them with a button, each one has a unique effect, when you pick up a new one your old one is replaced. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or help me out in any way?

This tutorial series goes over the inventory and UMG. It’s not exactly what you want, however, itll give you all the pieces you need. Just instead of the on-use being eating food and adding health, have it be whatever you want your ability to be.

Alright, thanks Pinworm! Unreal is just so different than what I’m used to, I think I need a mindset shift

UMG is your easiest bet for that kind of thing but the bulk of the actual stuff can/would happen in your player controller/pawn side of things to make things work, you would just fire off an event with the variable/type from UMG

Alright, I used that tutorial you linked Pinworm, and it’s great, but I’m having some trouble with it. Since I only have two items I need to worry about, I’m assigning them to the Inventory array with Insert and then a zero or 1 index. It doesn’t seem to be properly adding the data to the array though so I can’t actually use any of the items, does anyone have any ideas?

On top of that I’ve hit an endless compile loop, if I compile my HUD then my character uncompiles, if I compile my character, my HUD uncompiles. Does anyone know why this happens?