Activating Localisation in Shipped Version

Hi UE gang!

I would like to ask what would be the best way to handle activating localisation in a shipped version. I have a project that is localized to three languages with English as native build. The localisation itself works fine. The game will be available on Steam and I am wondering how could I do it so that I can only have one build uploaded there and that the localisation can be activated respectively on that one version. I would very much like to avoid having to upload different language versions separately, as this is extremely impractical generally and especially when it comes to patching. Below are some way I have considered carrying this through:

A) Activate localisation by enabling it through on the executable file or some other command that essentially does the same as -culture=ja_jp command on Additional Launch Parameters on editor Play in Standalone (which works very well). Unfortunately I don’t know how to do this really, perhaps if I could upload multiple exe. files where this parameter is set? Steam has Launch Options that allow for Arguments but unfortunately these do not cater to language launch types as far as I know. In other words can enable -culture=ja_jp command on separate files or through some other way in a shipped version to alter between 3 different localisations?

Another way to do this might be to have a different depot on steam for each language that has an additional text file or something that activates the launch command enabling localisation?

I also wondered if I can use command line argument CULTUREFORCOOKING for this?
(Command-Line Arguments | Unreal Engine Documentation)

B) Have an in game select language option. This I would consider to be a bit less optimal option than automatic launch based on Steam user’s language but not impossible. Is there a way to change language localisation through in-game (console?) command?

C) Some other way I haven’t though of that wouldn’t require uploading different builds with each language localisation.

I am sorry if it comes off that I have trouble explaining what is required. Input is greatly appreciated!