activate matinee by looking at object ( Oculus Rift CV1)

I need some help by using Gaze or looking at trigger in distance to activate Matinee setup. This is for Virtual Reality, CV1 Rift… I got the Linetrace working, it detects it’s environment. But i mis some knowledge how to connect an matinee to an specific BP_mesh? To make it activate the Matinee if i linetrace the Mesh_BP? Or something like that?

Some refferences which i looked into :

*Very good video tutorial about Linetracing:*

I have setup an Linetrace succefully and can destroy a created Mesh_BP i made out of an static Mesh by looking at it. But i cannot find any options in the Mesh_BP for starting an Matinee animation. How do i link those?

Is it even possible to play an Matinee animation trough Gazing or looking at an object only using Linetrace?

Have the folowing setup for my Linetrace in the Firstpersoncharacter BP and the Mesh_BP where i cannot find play options for Matinee for if activated by the Linetrace?:

Anyone can help? Am stuck for a few days now and don’t know where to look.

hah, I spend month or even more trying to find solution for a lot of things for VR and you want solution carried to you on a silver platter right this moment ? :o

Add a reference to your matinee (may need to pass everything to the level BP), when the line trace collides, then play it.

edit: Shouldn’t even need the break hit result, the bool from the line trace could go right into the Set bool. Only problem here is that it could cause a memory leak since it’s going by event tick. As a precaution, I would add a branch… if it is false, then set it to true, if false, then don’t do anything, rather than it keep setting it to false with each tick.

edit one more time: If you’re using a hit actor, then that would be fine too. Use the hit actor and just set it to true. This will play the matinee once. If you want it to play it again and again, then after the play command in the level blueprint, set it to false. May need to add timer before setting to false. Scene depending and all that.