Action RPG Inventory System

When you import a Fuse models make sure you select the Mannequin skeleton or the animations wont be work right, which ends up with your model with zigzag arms lol.

I was able to get the imported toon working with the default animations, but he imported shorted and with strange shoulders. That’s why I went with the straight import and fuse animations. Everything works great minus that. I’ll probably use the weird character for now and do a separate thread to see if I can figure out why it does that. Only thing I noticed was the location of the foot bones. In the UE model, the foot is towards the top center of the mesh. In the fuse model it hits the ground plane the same time as the mesh. I’m not sure if that makes a difference, but I’ll keep playing with it when I get off work. Sorry for running the thread off the rails, but didn’t want other people to run into the same issue.

The shoulders problem can be fixed easily if you know how to use 3D max, shot me a PM and ill see if i can match the bones with the Mannequin for you.

I appreciate it that. PM Sent

Interesting development, I may have found a workaround. If I reset the boots back to the default UE4 skeleton they (somehow) still animate properly (same bone names probably?) and I don’t get the double sound. :slight_smile:

Progress … and challenges. (Please ignore the rough edges. Working on function atm, rather than form.)

Thanks for sharing :D, the launcher is cool. Is the login through a database account system?

When you stream to the new map, perhaps it’s refreshing OnBegin play?
You should also rotate the MainHand/OffHand sockets to fit your skeleton/animations so the sword shows the right way :D.

Ok cool, so the issue was with using the fuse skeleton?
Glad you got that resolved, it’s great to see everyone helping out with Unreal issues.

The launcher needs much work. It only has basic functionality atm. The login is through a MySql db running on a Xampp installation. It has hashing for user & pw, but I need it to pass a time limited token or key to UE4 and I still need to prevent concurrent logins (same user), dress up the graphics, & other things.

I had just gotten the AdvSocSys integrated when I made the video. I haven’t worked on making the inventory/player state persistent across server/map changes yet. What I have in mind is having the inventory, player equipment, and etc loaded from a db each time a player zones, but still need to sort out how to get direct access from UE4 to the game. Much work ahead. :slight_smile:

So here another reversion of my inventory probably the best one yet i think.

Very nice! This format seems more stylistically compatible with your game.

Thanks now to work on the format for the stats.

Hey guys, just a question… I did the tutorial about adding an item to the system. Btw, I own some sword models which has only static meshes. In the tutorial it is said that I need to select a static + a skeletal mesh on item list ?

Unless you want to animate them separately, the sword static meshes could be attached to the hand socket(s) and would not require a skeletal mesh version. You generally need a skeletal mesh for wearable items such as armor or clothing, so that the armor or clothing would animate with the character mesh.

True, but if I chose just a static mesh instead of static and skeletal it is invisible on equip. That means the first selection is for the item on ground for example and the skeletal for item equipped.

My apologies. I have not actually made any weapons, so I was perhaps speaking out of turn. Have you watched this tutorial? About 2:30 he goes into the process when you only have a static mesh.

The code is setup to equip the skeletal mesh for view on the player. That’s why it’s called the equipment mesh.
So if you don’t provide an equipment mesh you won’t see the item equipped onto the player.

So that leaves you with two options.

Make a skeletal mesh version of your weapon and everything is all perfect and easy :smiley: (BTW Static mesh rotations are different so that they get placed on the floor nicely for item dropping. So having a static and a skeletal isn’t a bad thing :)).

Change a bunch of code and complicate the system by putting in a bunch of logic/changes to allow either a skeletal mesh or Static mesh to be used for a weapon.
But honestly, you are going to probably spawn your weapon as a Blueprint and attach that anyways when you have a weapon system. So maybe instead of complicating things you will just want to change your Weapon equip logic to spawn the weapon blueprint and equip your weapon blueprint to your hand socket (which can then use the static mesh property of your item if you wish instead of the skeletal)

Got it working. Thank you really much Sir. Also Pirate… thx for your help!!

Awesome :smiley:

Really liking the update still! It makes it so much easier to edit stuff and hook other systems in, great work!

Any news on the equipment slot tutorial though?