Achievment screen/ Putting images over specific child widget

Hey there, Im trying to store and show ingame achievements.

I have my achivement table laid out by child text array.

I want to be able to pick out a specific child(Achievment) and overlay an image(Squiggle line) Through it to show its completed.

But Im 2 days in and Im absolutly bamboozled, I feel like Im dancing around a really obvious answer.

Thank you for any help

If anyone reads this,

The answer I came too was it all begins when the child is made.

When you create the child widget. Make your variables instance editable and expose on spawn. I had done this for text But hadnt thought about slate brush(Image).

This is the code. took nearly 3 days to figure it out. im tired boss…

I ended up using the same for loop for my text, Using the array index to gather infomation from a get node, the array input being my achivements gained.

And then crossing the the get into a map find node. And the map entered is corrosponding index against the image I wanted for that index line.

■■■■■■■ phewey…2 days to figure it out. Christ lol. If anyone has a better method, Itd love to know.

Thanks for reading everyone.

edit:didnt work. Still hunting :frowning: