Accurate reflections without ssr/planar?

Is it possible to do accurate somehat cheap reflections without screenspace/planar reflect? And my reflection captures are horribly distorted so horribly that it is unusable around any round surfaces, Is there any solution?

outside the ones you mentioned there is no other way really. you could fake it by creating custom camera projections and run that through the materials but that would be same cost almost as planar reflections, plus it takes much more setup time and better be worth it.

Well, that kinda sucks.

You can use fake billboard reflections. But yeah, they are totally fake, no dynamic.

Also you can dig deeper in shader math and create parallax corrected cubemaps. They are pretty physically correct, but still its a fake and they are not dynamic.

Impossible is not, I do not know if you played it but there is a racing game made in Unreal Engine called Assetto Corsa Competiozione, the reflections of the cars are very precise and dynamic. It even seems as if they made another separate map for reflections, or as if you made only those objects in the environment be reflected, they are somewhat pixelated, but the important thing is that it does. This is very complicated, but not difficult, if you find out something, let us know

What about capture to 2D / cube? Those are one of the main reflection types. I haven’t used them, but they worked in the basic tutorial about reflections, were nice quality, and are dynamic.

Absolutely none of that is true.
Scenecap2d cannot be a reflection, unless your using insanely difficult shader magic, even then its pre-baked to save fps which well, is not dynamic.
Scenecapcube can be used as a baked cubemap, which is not dynamic at all, and is sometimes used, but rarely. It sometimes is used for per-object reflections, via shader magic, but that is extremely uncommon.
None of these are nice quality (Besides extremely hard shader magic), dynamic (At all), or were used in the reflection demo.

My best guess is simple probes+SSR, super common and looks similar quality, some scenecap magic and planar reflections possibly, but mostly SSR+captures drive it, pretty sure.

Scene capture 2D and cubemap are both dynamic, rather they are capturing real-time scene like a camera, but apparently must be set within a texture or material to function. What I said isn’t ‘absolutely not true’. What is it for anyway?

I asked for a fix for reflections and you responded with something almost completely irrelevant to reflections at all. I am assuming you are trolling or never even googled reflections in ue4.

Try not to get so upset. It’s difficult to follow a discussion that claims to be about reflections and seeks reprisal over referencing something that, in the documentation for UE4, is directly associated with reflections.

You have done nothing but suggest something that happens to be on the same page of a reflection example buried deep in the docs, despite having absolutely nothing to do with reflections.…ons/index.html

No presto, Reflections Metallic Materials is not a reflection either.
Edit: Btw, everything you will ever want to know in rendering is found here, enjoy…ing/index.html