account is pending approval

I am asking this question for my friend problem he isn’t in this forum. He have used unreal 2 years now get information text when start: Your account is pending approval, submitted comments will not be shown to other users until approved. How it can approved or is it necessary?

You could contact one of the mods on the forums.

Where does he get that message? Here in the forum or answerhub?
As we had some problems with new users spamming the forum, we always have to approve their first few posts/threads → this can take a while depending on the time (e.g during night it can take longer,… ) :slight_smile:

I also started to get this on Marketplace. I am not allowed to comment on any market assets before my account is approved.

Hallo, I get the same message on the Marketplace … wasn’t there a few days ago. I’m already longer a member here, have already posted in the forums - so :confused:

I think that epic games is currently adding new community features to the marketplace (probably you can just comment an asset which you have already bought)-> havent got any info about this so we have to wait till someone from epic replies :wink:

It went away for me now. I guess i am approved :rolleyes:

Same deal here - been a member for over a year now, bought many a assets off the Marketplace, and all of a sudden today this message shows up in the comments section of the Marketplace - with no way to seek approval. Strange.

Same thing for me. Got that message on the marketplace.

same here. but i have been using ue4 for years

It suddenly appeared right now for me too.

Just updated after some time without using it and the same message showed up.