accidentally got overlapping UV in UE.

i got like 2 % overlapping.

i made this mesh for 2 hour, and realize the problem in UE.

can i edit UV inside UE ? i don’t want to work from scratch again. that tedious.

If it’s just the UVs then just go the UV editor of the program you used to create the mesh, find the overlapping area and move/scale the vertices/shells/whetever.

Overlapping UVs might not even be an issue, it’s just a warning. Overlapping UVs can cause cause issues issues with lightmaps, but that is the only real concern.

Add a secondary lightmap channel, generally to look decent it only has to fit in the U/V 0,1 scale although some meshes may need tweaking. Then you can go to town on your main UV’s…

Thanks for response. I think i find a better solution.

phew. I dont have to rework my 50 texture for single mesh anymore.

Why are you using 50 textures for one mesh? It sounds like you’re approaching texturing and UVs in the wrong way. 50 textures for one asset would be horrible for performance and to work with in the editor.

no. i have 1 mesh with a lot of different material (simply retexturing)