Accessing Variables in the GameMode?

I created an array of structs in my game mode, but now I can access that array from anywhere except in the game mode. There’s no option to set it as visible.

I can’t do anything with the variables in the gamemode outside of the gamemode itself, which seem to defeat the purpose of having a gamemode. I have multiple levels that use that game mode, so stuff that needs to be in all those levels should go in the gamemode right? But if I can’t use any of that stuff in those levels, what’s the point of the gamemode?

Never mind. I accidentally made it a local variable, so that’s my problem.

But if someone knows how to change a local variable to a regular variable, that would be helpful.


You can right click and Replace or drag & drop one variable onto another. But this will not create a new variable.

You can right click → create local from a regular var.