Accessed None trying to read property

Hello guys!

I stuck with this video, :…UnrealGaimeDev (this channel is dead)
I did everything step by step but it is not working!
I have problem like “ACCESSED NONE” error. I have all refer for it like on the video tutorial, what is wrong?

As I understand from the logs: **“BP_QuestManager” ** can’t get access to **“MainWidget” **I guess what it is problem with refer for **“MainWidget” **in “BP_QuestManager”, right?
I don’t understand, why I have problem if I did everything like the video?! I read a lot of posts with a similar problem and try fixed it with create new refer through the widget with **“Create Widget”**in **“BP_QuestManager” **

but I can’t create refer from “MainWidget” to "BP_QuestManager" !
I have no idea what need for **object ** or how to create correct refer :frowning: