"Accessed None trying to read property" in 4.27, was something changed?

Hi! So I am trying out an Animation Blueprint that works well in non-source engine 4.26.
As you can see in the image below, GastCharacter is only set if it is valid etc, and IsStunned is only tried to be set (i.e. trying to get AbilitySystemComponent is only ever run if GastCharacter has been set already).

This is in a source-engine 4.27 project, did something change regarding accessing stuff being set in the same blueprint in 4.27?

At a glance it seems it’s complaining about Ability System Component, not the Pawn reference.

Ya but it doesn’t seem to be None as a print of it shows “AbilitySystemComponent”

And the Cast() goes through, GastCharacterBase has an AbilitySystemComponent, I do access it in C++ and in other blueprints (not where I set the variable in the same Blueprint though).
So something feels weird here ;o