Access Violation Crashes


Curious if anyone has experience something like this.
You work. You click play and the game launches. Everything is working.
You keep working, suddenly the editor keeps crashing with access violations.

Corrupt BP?
I reverted any changes i made hoping to get rid of this issue.
But alas. Still a problem.

I went through all BP’s and saved them. As in the past i would get a crash if i save BP’s that are corrupt. However. No crashes this time.
So i dont know what went corrupt. I know exactly which BP i was working on. However even after using an older version i am still experiencing this issue.

Any Advise?

Never got such an crash since I started using the UE4 (and UE4 beta) :slight_smile:

When you post more crash details we can help you (log file, crash code, bp or c++ project, engine version,…) + make sure to post it on answerhub:
Also make sure to check those threads: Questions in topic: access violation - UE4 AnswerHub Probably you can find one similar to your crash

Thanks man. Will go post on answerhub. I have managed in the past to recover a few of these. Hard to pick up if nothing in the editor is crashing. For example everytime i saved once, it would crash. Started to save individual assets n discovered it was my level. So i just copied n pasted the entire level into a new one and saved. Issue was gone.

Other cases i had to figure out what was the last blueprint saved. In this case my character. However the back files didnt fix the issue making me wonder if even is the char BP. **** annoying when you think Huray, my game is done… lets test. lol followed by some facepalms.

OK u will not believe this. Well i don’t. I deleted my character from the level. Launched success. Added him back in the level. Launched Success.
So my suspicions were correct. That BP must have been corrupt to some degree and then perhaps un-corrupted itself after i removed it from the world.