Access to Links

Epic Launcher does NOT allow me access to any of the Community or Learn links; the little icon shows up next to the link, but when I click on Documentation (in the Learn tab) or AnswerHub, Forums, Wiki, RoadMap, or Blog (in the Community tab), it does nothing. I installed it on another computer (not my development PC) and those links work (it brings it up in a browser). Everything else seems to work, even downloading new UE4 versions.

Hello jpterry,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble. If you click on the Unreal Tournament tab and click the “Get Involved” or “Learn to Play” links, does it open them in a browser or do you get the same result?

Exactly the same …

Hello jpterry,

It sounds like your system may not have a default internet browser selected/installed. Could you please check your program defaults and make sure that you have one selected?

That’s really embarrassing! Thanks for your help.