Access none trying to read property

Access none trying to read property CallFunc_Create_ReturnValue4 from function

compiles fine the problem is with the remove from parent exe and its after I stop playing the game in viewport it does this can anyone help me with this or have any ideas let me know please. Thanks.

Your graph is a mess :wink: But let’s see if we can’t figure this out… actually…clean up the BP, will help you also… First off, Promote Variable from CreateWidget, and use that reference to Remove From Parent.

Second, If you pressed W more than once, and it the Widget wasn’t on screen, then you will have access none…because it wasn’t there before. If you clean up your graph, and organize it better, you will see it. Delays can also impact it and of course that DoOnce, if it’s not resetting before/after that W is pressed.