Access Character components in AnimNotifyState?

Because the “sections” is not fine-grained enough, I put it in “C++ Programming”, but it could also be in “Blueprint Script" or a would-be-created "Animation” section. Also the “sections” could be non-mutual-exclusive, e.g., a "Gameplay Programming" section could be created to encompass Blueprint and C++.

In animation sequences you can Add Notify > New Notify, then you can respond to that notify in Animation Blueprint, then you can call a function in Character Blueprint, which can access character components.

Now I created a customized AnimNotifyState class, I can override the functions/events. Is it possible to respond to the events (such as Received_Notify_Tick) in Animation Blueprint or Character Blueprint, so that I can access character components?



Looks we can’t by seeing this:

“cannot set variables from within the notify, they can only be used to pass data into the notify. This is because the notifies belong to the animation sequence, and each skeletal mesh playing that sequence references the same object”