Accesed trying to read property

Hi there! Im trying to change the material of my static mesh actor with my UMG Menu.
Fine, in my level blueprint, i set the static mesh reference info called “var_Suelo” in my UMG Menu.
Inside my UMG Menu, in the button that i want to click to change the material, im calling to my Var_Suelo with the "Set Material (Static Mesh Componen) but isnt work for me.
In Log: Accesed None trying to read property…
What its happening here?

Could you show the actual message? What triggers it? You’re exposing the variable on spawn but do not feed it a reference. If the Init / Construct / Tick / bound function attempts to access it, it will throw an error but it should work after that.

Or is it the click that produces the error?

Also, there’s a better & much safer way of doing the above without creating a hard reference - through a dispatcher.

On the right hand end of the error, click the last word. It will take you to the node causing the problem. It will be that something plugged into it is not defined.

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