Academic Licence for College Ready High School,College Ready High School

I had read a few posts about not offering licenses to High School clubs and group , but there didn’t seem to be anything related my my situation. My school has a magnet program dedicated to computer science to prepare them for a future in CS. Our students who are enrolled in the program will graduate with around 30 college credit hours and several certifications. One class students will take is Game Programming and Design. I would love to use the Unreal Engine as the base for curriculum during that year. We are the only school in the city who has a program like this. Is there any chance that this circumstance would merit an academic licence?


Hi Sroble01,

I see how that may not seem so straight-forward. Could you please fill out the form here:

That will give our team the information needed to help out with your program. They will then contact you with more information. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for the helpful post, I must say that this is a good initiative by giving academic license to schools and college because it is very beneficial for them. This site provide always useful material for students to improve ability. Although your posts are fully educational and I love reading them. Anyways thanks for being one to motivate others with your articles.

How I can get this License??