about models and the ue4 marketplace.

I wanted to work on high model quality packs, but I see a lack of models in the market store, my question is. Is there a niche or necessity for models rigged and animated with their own skeleton and animations. I find that most unreal users don’t use model packs more focused on coding packs . I am trying to figure marketplace out.
will gladly appreciate some direction.
and I’m sorry if this is the wrong section for this topic it’s my first post.

I think there is probably a market for this, but high quality humanoid models and animations are difficult to produce. Also developers most likely don’t want their main character to be an easily recognizable one that is used by many other games. So your best bet would be to make the characters customize-able, or aim for making background/NPC type characters.

Also, if you make the models and animations compatible with the UE4 default skeleton, then people will be more likely to buy it since it will be compatible with other animations they already have.

Indeed having humanoid models used as the main characters in multiple games is not a smart idea if you want to make a game that has an higher chance of selling well.
So if you want to sell characters the best bet would be to release your base models with plenty of morph targets, obviously with slides to adjust each morph value. That way a developer could easily achieve thousands of variations on the base mesh and few would end up having the same character in any game.