About get all actors of class

I am currently working on a building system that works very well. Get All Actors Of Class function does not recognize any of the objects being made spawn during the game, as a result of which they cannot be saved in SaveGame. Recognizes only existing objects in World Outliner. How could I fix this issue?

This should not be happening. Can we see what you’re feeding the class filter?

hi everynone

Class is a BP StaticMeshActor with name FloorUnit. Object A is positioned through it UEditor. Object B placed inside the game.
With the following SaveGame method object A is recognized by GetAllActorsOfClass and stored without any problem, object Β is not recognized by the GetAllActorsOfClass method and not stored. That is the problem that I cannot solve. I also quote the method of spawning the object FloorUnit.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Why isn’t the sequence piped to execute? Loop Body -> Sequence.

it’s … I removed one print string and I didn’t connect it. Finally I found the problem, it was in the legacy of the class. Do you know if the get all actor of class can work with the Parent class?
Thank you very much for your help