About foreeachloop

Is it possible for all the results from foreachloop to be transferred together? I want to fill all the results from foreachloop into the text block of UMG

Or you may even get away with this instead:

Thanks for your answers, but I still have problems
My plan is to get the actors names in the scene and put them in the text of UMG
Hope to get this result
After modifying the blueprint

What I get now is this
Hope you can give me some more hints

Providing the array has the right stuff:

We skip the first conjunction as it’s not needed at the beginning. Do note that the pin order does matter here.

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Thanks,But I get why it is repeated infinitely

Perhaps you run the loop more than once? Perhaps the string is not empty when the thing starts… Who knows.

Is this a function bound to a text box inside a widget by any chance?! Those execute every frame - in which case we accumulate the entire array 60 times per second or faster.

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Thank you, this is a small exercise that I wanted to do on a whim :joy: :joy: :joy:

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