About 4.7.4

Hi, I had the 4.7.3 version of the engine installed, and all was perfect, now I have problems with new version, because after 4.2gb update download (!!!) keep me waiting on 9% I opened the log and he tell me that cannot remove some old files, so I cancel the install, and now tell me not installed, but I’ve navigated 'til the engine folder and I can launch the 4.7.4, but the epic launcher tell me Not Installed, so I ask you how I can fix that behavior?
And also, how to make a backup of which folders, to work offline or without the risk of updates? I cannot work for an entire day for download those 4 gigs!
I also tried -noselfupdates on a custom epic launcher shortcut, but no success, how I can fix all? I’ve downloaded 12gb of blueprints and examples, I don’t want to redo all :-(((((((((((

Thanks in advance for your replies :slight_smile:

I know, from other topics, that this is a server fault, so for now I post a workaround for the ones that had my problems, don’t autoupdate, with shortcut to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.7\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe" -noselfupdate (or in the launcher).
You will be able to download from marketplace, so don’t worry. I will try to update when 4.8 will come to a stable version for autoupdate. For working flawlessly, can you please tell me how I can backup a copy for working offline? I can just move the win64 folder to another directory, or I have to compile the launcher on the github for make it launch without check if online or not?

Hi thunder_nemesis,

There should be an option on the launcher to work in offline mode. The auto update on Launch button is a known issue that is currently being assessed for a fix.