Able Ability System Info and Support Thread

Hello, how do i force the ability to play on client (like a reliable or force net update)? sometimes the ability doesnt send on the client but works on server

Hi, Task’s DynamicProperty no task name, so I can’t distinguish at runtime, “OnGetDynamicPropertyDisabled” for example, how can I do?

Btw, I want to change PlayAnimation(DynamicMontage) blendin\blendout at runtime, hope you can add this feature, thanks a lot !

There is a “Dynamic Property Identifier” on every task. Just add something there and it’ll change the method to “OnGetDynamicProperty_Identifier_Disabled”.

Sure, I can look into that.

I apologise if this was asked once before.

I have a question about the Spawn Actor task.
More specifically:
Can I somehow get a reference to the Spawned actor inside the Ability Blueprint?

There is a function to overwrite that is being run right after you spawn the actor and the spawned actor is the entry reference plug. So you can cast / call interface / do stuff with it. (although I don’t remember the name of the function without checking but its easy to find, as names are hard to get wrong in ABLE functions)

As AngelV said, it’s “On Spawned Actor”

Able v3.46 submitted. Notes below.

I have a simple question. I am trying to use behavior trees using the “Play Ability” task, but nothing happens. It just straight up skips it.
I added the AblAbility component to my character already, and the ability works in the ability editor.
Am I doing something wrong?

Nope, that should be all. Check your logs there’s probably some reason it’s being skipped. In the Able Setttings there is a Verbose option that will tell you any time an Ability was submitted and not played.

I forgot all about verbose. Thank you! I was able to figure it out.

Nice! Thank you very much!

Problem: My one ability is looping, and I found this ability’s task’s Disable just only check at first loop, but I need to check every loop, in order to Enable/Disable some task at runtime. btw, my ability is activity ability not passive.

Hope you can update as fast as you can, cause I am eager to use. Thanks!

I can look at that. It may have to wait till the 4.26 support patch, but we’ll see. I already have one update pending so that needs to clear.

It’s OK, I used another method, but I will waiting for your patch also.

Yea, I’ll definitely get it with the 4.26 update. If something else pops up, I’ll try and get it in sooner.

@ExtraLifeMatt Got a request :wink: On damage event - bindable damage TYPE object.

Should be do-able. I’ll add it to the list.

Hello, I found that Branch can’t branch to self ability(wrong on simulated client), so I can’t do continuous dodge, I have tried to modify source code, but it very hard for me, could you help me?

Just loop it and check the input in the CanLoopExecute method.

Loop not suit for me, cause I want branch at point of end of previous dodge animation, I am doing multiplayer ACT game, so I really need that feature, please fix it, very thanks!