Ability to set MaxFPS as standard in the editor

When I am working in the editor I prefer to keep my FPS at around 30. Above this and my graphics cards starts to spin up the fan.

I fire a console command each time to cap the FPS. “t.MaxFPS 30”

Is it possible to make a setting in the project settings to cap my FPS when I load?

It would be much appreciated.

I would suggest creating a Blutility as a work around to your request for the time being.

[Tutorial] Blutility - Running Blueprint functions inside Editor

Here is an example of a Blutility in action

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Ok, cool, I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link benjamin. I didnt know what was Blutility.

can blutilities run console commands like t.MaxFPS 30 ? I tried it, didn’t work.

What’s wrong with the oldschool approach of :

  1. Adding it to ConsoleVariables.ini


  1. GameLoop -> Begin Play -> Console Command -> t.MaxFPS 30

my comment was meant to point out a current limitation in the Blutility system, rather than trying to set the frame rate. blutilites cant cap the frame rate.

I tried using blutility for stat FPS, and r.ReflectionCapture and neither one are working. Is there any console commands that do work?

As of 4.24, ExecuteConsoleCommand in a Blutility works for both t.MaxFPS 999 and 0

Is this workaround still needed ? Or is there finally a proper setting for this in the editor ?

I wrote a plugin for this - I’ve wanted it for a while :slight_smile: The setting shows up as an editor preference, so it’s persistent between projects/restarts/etc. GitHub - ScottKirvan/UE4-ScooterUtils: A UE4 plugin which contains miscellaneous utilities for Unr