Ability to draw guidelines and guideline snapping


There is a tool in Sketchup called “Tape Measure Tool” that allows you to measure distances and to draw guidelines.

I think it would be a cool addition to the UE4 Editor toolbox something similar for people like me affected by “mesh placement OCD” :smiley:

Sometimes the grid is not enough and having a more accurate option to place geometry would increase productivity and precision.

Here you have some cubes with guidelines, now if I wanted to add more stuff I can use those guidelines to put everything in relation to where the cube is located:


Now something more practical, let’s say I want to finish a bridge putting a barrier on each side and I want them pixel perfect placed, I can draw some guidelines and them move the meshes exactly where I need them:

Now something a little bit harder, I want to put stairs in a ramp, easy:

But what if I didn’t have the ramp and wanted only odd stairs? Easy with guidelines:

This is it, I think it would be very useful.


When your objects xyz.0 and not xyz.374624678248 , you can place them well inside UE with Gridsnapping.
When i need snapping set to 1, most times, something is wrong.
For a ruler “In any of the orthographic viewports, hold down your middle mouse button and drag”