Ability to change font size in editors

Hi, devs! I extremely request for ability to change font size and faces in UEditor. I even can send you a pull request or anything else, if I can.
Where should I post bug repost/feature request…?

Seriously. It’s 2016 out the window, but font’s size and face in UEditor still hard coded and looks too tiny. UEditor doesn’t use system’s font even - it uses it’s own :frowning: (see attachment)
I do not have perfect vision, so I can see nothing sharp from 60-90 cm with UE’s 8th(!) font size (and I have only 1920*1080 23"). How can I fix it, or how can I help you to improve the situation?
There are lots same reports in the web as I see. I really love UE and want to improve it.

No, “Widget Reflector” doesn’t work correct, because:

  1. it changes all widgets and UI also. Widgets and text gets blurred and flickering, coz it’s not native scale (like setting not native resolution on monitor). So it is doesn’t look much better really.
  2. it’s temporary, until UEditor restart.