Abducted - Greenlit On Steam [WIP]

I’m a co-founder of Sunside Inc., we’ve been in business for a few years now and are a small developer (just 2 guys, Programmer & Artist team).

Last November our debut PC title Abducted was Greenlit on Steam Greenlight and we’ve been working hard on it ever since. Originally the game was being made in an engine that I had written over the last several years that we had used on previous shipped titles, but the design was evolving to the point where it wasn’t practical to use that engine (the time to add the necessary features would have been prohibitive).

When UE4 was announced we decided that we should switch and it’s been great. I wanted to share the project with the community and Epic and let you guys know how much fun it is to work with UE4.

Here are some screenshots of Abducted in UE4:

That looks really good!! Just looked at the steam page and it looks like a really good concept

Looks interesting. What’s it about?

The screenshots look great. I especially like the terrain details in the last one. Dropping a custom engine for U4 is a pretty bold move. It makes me wonder how many others in the industry are considering the switch. Interesting times! Good luck zoid!


Those Screenshots look outstanding!

Can i just say 2 things,

1 i love the screenshots, they are beautiful
2, the machine on the arm kinda looks like a burnt psp case with a screen :3

Thanks guys. Bajee, from our game description on Steam:

Abducted and taken thousands of light years from home, there is only one goal: Survive.

Abducted is a first person science-fiction, horror, survival, action game powered by Unreal Engine 4 in which you and your companions have been abducted and abandoned on an alien planet. How you and your friends came to be here and your ultimate purpose is something that you must discover for yourselves.

Abducted is being designed from the ground up to be a story driven single & multiplayer experience that will support networked cooperative, PVP or single-player modes in a large sandbox world. A major focus is narrative development and progression that allows the player to explore and move the story forward as they play, either alone or with friends. We want your friends to be able to hop in and play with you at any point during your game and vice-versa.

Explore, Discover, Create
An alien computer embedded in your arm will help to guide you as you try to survive on the surface of an alien planet. You will need to build a home to provide shelter from the elements and keep from being hunted and eaten by wildlife. Discover hidden underground bunkers, find supplies and resources, and learn to use your arm computer to create weapons and tools. Search for clues that will help you piece together your past and discover a way home.

Persistent Characters, Customization, Skills

When you start or join a game in Abducted you can choose to create a new character or use an existing one. Characters will be customizable, including appearance, skin color, and clothing. As you play your character will earn skill points that can be spent to upgrade existing skills, or unlock new ones. You will be able to use the same character to play in your friends game, on other servers, or on your own. However you want to play.


I’d lower the glow and make the grass not look like sharp knives.

So… I wonder how far along this project is. That environment looks so detailed it probably took a long time to make? Looking forward to seeing a video, etc. Will have to sub this thread for sure

This look absolutely fantastic! Glad to see it got Greenlit on Steam. I know I will be playing the game when it comes out!

Thanks guys, feedback is always welcome. As for our development time, it has been in development for a while, just not with unreal 4. We recently made the switch, from our own engine, because UE4 is very powerful and just makes sense. We want the game to be a PC centric game, by pc gamers for pc gamers. Alot of the game content made to this point was being made very high detail, 2k textures or larger, very high poly counts, normal maps etc, so it would be scalable to any target.

For instance this alien creature is made with 4k textures for diffuse, normal, glow map, etc. This is in UE4, our assets brought over, his material is still a WIP. But he’s all rigged, animated and ready to go:


Likewise our female human character was made using 3D scanning techniques from an actress. We’re trying to get as photoreal of a human character as possible.


This is so awesome to see so many great looking WIP stuff here in this section. I really am blown away.

That model above looks great yo.

So you got a unique 3d scan of a woman? That’s awesome! Will be watching this project with keen interest

Yeah here’s our female human, and in the 2nd image here you can see some photos we took of her scan during the shoot. She had a great, expressive look that I think is right for this game.

female engine.jpg
eve figurine renderings1.jpg

Course she’s customizable in game to change her hair and skin, suit color etc. And there will be a human male to choose from as well.



Honestly, these are some high quality shots, will you have a demo video soon?

Adam, yeah. We’re working on a video that shows gameplay in UE4. It’s our next big goal.


This looks great! I can’t wait to see it in action.

Looking really good, can wait to see more.