AAA Ultra High Quality Pistol Asset Pack from Ironbelly Studios

Thank you for the answer. Gonna buy multiple weapons from you.

Waiting for that Desert Eagle. :slight_smile:
Any Screenshots / ETA?

Do you have a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range? j/k. These looks awesome.

Funny that you should ask @Kia…the high poly renders just crossed my desk this morning! Depending on Epic’s turnaround time on submissions, we should have this to you in a month or so.

Amazing work!

Thanks, it really means a lot to hear so much appreciation for what we’re doing here. Check back here as we will be posting more details about our new 3 pistol pack soon.


I tried. :x

haha, that definitely made me laugh out loud when I saw you photoshopped the last render in there. Should have some more eye candy to send your way, looking forward to your reaction then :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I was looking at this in the marketplace and I noticed in one of the video’s that the sights on the pistol don’t line up from the front and back sight? Did I see that wrong? It’s when you look down the barrel.

some beautiful looking assets you guys are making…!!

Hey Wingman, thanks so much for the feedback and of course your kind words. You are 100% correct that the sights in one of the videos weren’t lining up correctly. It was fixed during production and the current packs are all correct but the video was made before the fix went in :frowning: So we’re going to reshoot it to avoid confusion moving forward.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I thought there might of been something like that. I just wanted to make sure. Continued success to you guys. Your weapons look awesome.!

Thanks so much Matt, hopefully you guys over at Wingman can make good use of them. We just released our 3 pack, it’s like buying 3 guns for the price of 2!

Hi mate, we haven’t bought these as we’re making our own, but certainly love the look of what you guys are doing.

Fair enough, if you have any requests I could certainly bump them to the top of the queue and save you guys the trouble, unless you’re making something cartoony or what not of course

Hi again, we are very interested in working with you guys so i’ll keep you posted.

A low poly part breakdown of the G18 here for you guys to check out.

A couple more shots of the G18, with a breakaway to show the part breakdown


We are super excited to announce the G18 as finished and ready for release. It’s been submitted to Epic and we are just awaiting the review process before it’s up on the marketplace ready to purchase!

We’re excited to have the G18 up on the Marketplace in the next week or so and then in the future we will be including it in combo packs with different types of weapons like one of our SMGs or Shotguns. Take a look at the Sketchfab demo and let us know what you think.