AAA Ultra High Quality Pistol Asset Pack from Ironbelly Studios

We’ve submitted our Bullets Pack to the Marketplace, so hopefully within a few weeks they will be LIVE (as in live rounds, get it?). The ammo includes static bullet meshes for each one of our weapons that are ready to be seamlessly added to your FPS project!

This week our 3-Pistol pack is on SALE woo hoo! It includes the 44 Mag, M9 and TT-33…the first three weapons we launched on the Marketplace! Fill yer boots!

As promised, we’re updating all of our packs with a new VFX muzzle flash. Check out the 44 Mag with the NEW update:

Hey guys! Thought I’d post these images in case folks have trouble finding the FPS arms included and the ADS Walk animations (for the arms, since the guns aren’t made for walking) in the Desert Eagle Pack. As always, feel free to let us know of any issues over at [EMAIL=“”] Cheers!

Where to find the Free FP Arms:

Where to find the ADS Walk Animation: **

REQUEST: Would be really nice to see your Bullets Pack include meshes for “spent rounds” aka shell casings only, as well as just the projected bullets without the casing. As they are, in whole form, they have very limited use out of the box.

ps: heard something about sounds coming soon, seen an update to the desert eagle, was this the first of the sounds updates?

Hey @Necro_ABK, we haven’t updated any of our packs with SFX yet but its on the way. We’re focusing on getting the Civilian FP Arms pack submitted this week, then we’ll get cranking on the 4.15 updates and will likely try to include SFX at the same time. Can’t guarantee it, but that’s what we did with the VFX. Thanks for the suggestion on the bullets pack, that is definitely something we have talked about and shouldn’t be too hard to update as well. Cheers!

Why does it say that the version is 4.12 - 4.15 it used to be something like 4.8 or 4.9 What happened?

Epic has updated the engine, so we’re trying to keep up and don’t support 4.8 or 4.9 any longer. Epic’s already previewing 4.16, so look for another round of updates coming down the pike soon :slight_smile:

hey!Will I update the physical skeleton?Because it is very bad.All Shooter Weapon!!!

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by All Shooter Weapon!! Could you rephrase?

Shooter Weapon physics skeleton is bad. Can not 100% simulate physics.Please Check! Thanks!

Which pack did you purchase? Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into it :wink:

FPS Start Pack 02

Just wondering if this was resolved. I have the HK416 pack and am also having troubles with physics. Basically I tick the simulate button and the engine is splitting the skeleton apart. It bends the rear of the gun and removes the magazine, spawning it beside the gun.

I thought it may be related to animation state or similar, but I cannot put my finger on it.

Hey there @milports sorry for the delay getting back to you. We’re looking into this and are going to submit an update. Cheers!

Thanks, Ironbelly.

If you want a screenshot etc to help explain see here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet.

I enable/disable this bend by ticking the “simulate physics” option on the skeletal mesh. Off, the mesh display fine. On, it falls per enable gravity but as you can see it buckles/bends at the butt of the gun and the magazine is detached. The exact locations vary ever so slightly each time due to the effect of gravity and the gun falling, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Hey there @milports we’ve got an update in the works to fix this so hang tight. Thanks for sending over the screenshot :wink:

Hi, I am a noob to UE4 but I have a basic knowledge of following tutorials :slight_smile: SO my problem is there are no tutorials on how to use this in a project? And when I use the blueprint for the TT it aims and holsters works fine but it does not fire and I get a compile error with the Input Action “Fire” node? Any help is appreciated thank you.

The safety bone on the Desert Eagle is not parented to the slide.

We’ve had some requests from folks to separate the bullet from the mesh and we’re happy to share that we’ve updated the TT-33 with a bullet that is its own mesh :slight_smile: