AAA Ultra High Quality Pistol Asset Pack from Ironbelly Studios

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We’re in the process of updating our pistol packs to comply with Epic’s new copyright terms, but in the meantime if would like to grab our pistol packs, you can check out our store.

See our video demos:

**FAQ’S: **

  1. Are the first person arms compatible with the Epic standard rig?
    Yes, there is an extra bone that won’t transfer over but also won’t cause any trouble or errors. The arms are also interchangeable with
    any weapon pack purchased from IB.

  2. Will you be releasing other pistols in 3-packs?
    Yes- we’ve gotten some feedback from folks that purchase one weapon before we’ve released a 3-pack. We completely understand and
    are working hard to get the 3-packs up as quickly as possible to give you more options. We are also adding all kinds of good stuff in the
    3-packs like extra animations, attachments and extra functionality with future updates planned that include texture variations!

*3. Are the animations in the demo the same that are available in the weapon pack? *
Yes, the blueprint folder in the weapon packs has the same animations we show off in the demo video.

4. Can the weapons be used in 3rd person?
We include 3 LOD meshes of each weapon so you could just use LOD2 and reduce the texture resolution and/or simplify the shader for your third person game.

Got something special you need us to make? Reach out to us at! You’ll be impressed by the quality of the model, service, and price!

This image shows all the moving parts that come as separate meshes, each with a different color (though it is a bit hard to see the trigger is colored differently. Sorry about that!). Note that the green item above the grip is the top of the magazine.

Stay tuned for our next update where we’ll show off the final model, all put together without textures… and then of course, the pretty images that show you the final product!

Very nice, quality is just top notch from you guys. I was waiting for you to break into the Marketplace. 100% recommend that anyone reading should check out their portfolio. B-e-a-utiful.

Thanks so much @Conkerballs! We’ve got big plans for a lot more great marketplace items. We’re already secretly (not so secretly) working on an Assault Rifle and SMG pack as well! Assuming it goes well, we’re already discussing some scene building plans for props, scenes, and so on. First, we’re going to make this the best set of pistols on the marketplace! We’ll go from there :slight_smile:

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here we have the untextured version of the M9 all put together. Texture shots coming next! :smiley:

We wrapped up the M9 and made great progress on the .44 magnum high poly sculpt yesterday, wanted to share the update with you guys. Stay tuned for the low poly renders later today as well as our next weapon in the pack.

And here it is! The M9 Beretta in full texture glory. I’ll post up some close ups tomorrow :slight_smile:

Great work as always! Looking forward to more assets released on the marketplace

Im looking at getting one of these packs. I have a question though. I like the fact it comes with FPS arms also. How hard would it be to animate these arms for an Assault Rifle too? Thanks

Great question. Actually we are going to be releasing Assault rifles very soon that will come complete with first person animations, so if you can wait 1-2 weeks we’ll have all of those up on the marketplace too!

I will be purchasing both. Great quality at a great price cant beat that!!!

We got a great question from Gozu about the first person arms included with the M9 ( and just wanted to answer here too that the first person arms included in each weapon pack are definitely compatible with Epic’s standard rig. Ours has an extra bone for the weapon mount that won’t transfer over but also won’t cause any issues or errors.

Awesome work! Just purchased the M9 Beretta. Really really hoping you guys whip up some rifles in a similar fashion! Thanks again :smiley:

Would it be allowed to use these guns in a game? I’m worried about copyright. Is it enough to simply change the name to ‘Biretto’?

Edit: Found this so perhaps changing the name is enough.

Looks really cool. Keep it up!

Great work as usual guys :slight_smile:

We’ve got some more pistols that we’re working on and will be submitting to the marketplace in addition to the .44 Mag, M9 and TT-33 we already have up.
Here’s a look at the G18 LPU:

Hi, I purchased the revolver and TT. Nice assets and great price. Only one query from me-- The hammer on the TT, and the hammer on the revolver, as well as the cylinder are not animated. I don’t think the cylinder is a big deal, but wondering if you have plans to animate the hammers? Cheers!

Could Ironbelly answer this question what have been asked earlier by Naveed. Can these guns used in commercial games? There are no mention about copyrights ect.? All guns are copies of real guns made by real manufacturers. So have Ironbelly made sure that there will be no copyright claim fron Beretta example if I use your M9 gun in my game?

All logos and any other trademarked wording has been removed from the weapons themselves or changed to imaginary ones, so there are no trademarks, logos or company identifiers on the weapon models themselves. To mitigate any other risks we recommend continuing this trend forward into the UI and avoid using the copyrighted or company names when referring to the weapons themselves. We did a fair amount of research on the subject before beginning the creation process and from our standpoint you’re in safe waters here. In fact EA stopped paying licensing fee’s for all weapons almost 3 years ago and as you can guess it hasn’t impinged on their ability to use weapons that look identical in all of their games. Their legal argument was that an author doesn’t have to pay Colt for writing ‘The Marine lifted his <insert gun brand name here> and shot the badguy’ so why aren’t video games allowed the same leeway. Apparently it’s valid as they haven’t been forced to reverse their decision since. From the gun makers perspective it’s all free advertising, which would explain why you’ll be hard pressed to find record of an arms manufacturer ever issuing a cease and desist to any game/film studio or author. Now when it comes to other objects such as vehicles, it appears that the risks are higher that manufacturers would have issue with unauthorized use but with guns we seem safe for now as long as the weapons don’t have the logos plastered all over them, which ours don’t for this very reason.