AAA Grass


Are you thinking of adding an effect of the grass responding to the player. (It moves back when you hit it)

If not, is this something that is hard to add yourself?

Progress so far is really good, i’m liking the look of this!


There are 2 ways of doing that (as far as I know).One is skinning the grass which is very expensive, the other is doing it in the shader. Doing it in the shader has one requirement and that is that the grass patch should be small in X,Y so when it bends on the pivot point the other side doesn’t go up floating in the air. Doing a grass patch that small means you’d have a lot more instances placed to fill the ground. I have done it before but haven’t actually done a performance comparison though. I’m very busy with a few projects including Our Ghosts of War so I can’t give an ETA but I think I’ll do that in the future.

I think player-facing billboards would look creepy :smiley:
But in the material you should be able to reduce quality and also disable the wind movement if the object is away far enough from the camera. Wish i had your skill and experience, such things take me several weeks to understand and actually do them … with just “ok” results :smiley:

if you’re going to shown a performance comparison try to at least show something meaningul.
the very least is ‘stat unit’ and uncapped FPS (as you already did), but then with/without showing the drawcalls, number of tris in the view, profilegpu, etc

looking nice btw

I think you are missing the point that I am essentially offering a function not a grass. While my grass in this package is performing good/bad whatever, when you hook the function to another grass to customize that you’d get different performance depending on that grass mesh triangle count/number of instances/overdraw etc.

But, if anyone’s looking to get it just for the same of one grass that’s included in there, here’s some info that might be helpful.

Looks like there were tons of creepy games made then decade ago:D But ye i agree, at this point of hardware its no point in using billboards anymore, unless its used for distance LOD fade.

Oh well … my trees are billboards when they are far away because a player would not notice it anyway. As for grass, that would be still too costy and can only be compensated by distance texture which actually matches the color pattern of the grass meshes :stuck_out_tongue:

In that case, shouldnt you sell “AAA Grass Material” instead of “AAA Grass”? The thread title is quite misleading. People (like me) might expect something else when you put it that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Reading the package description and technical details is necessary before making any purchase. I think I have explained it clearly there what you’d be getting. That said, while there’s only one grass, there are 9 very different looking grass fields included in the package as an example.

Now that we’ve got 120 on a 2D screen you just know I’m going to ask you to give me 120 FPS on an HTC Vive so we can get this in our current VR project :slight_smile: Can’t let you think the performance fun is over quite yet

Is landscape color function/texture for nice blending included?

Ok, where do i get this?

Alright, thanks for the reply! :wink:

@Ironbelly, I don’t have a VR device… :frowning:
We’ll figure something out.
@nkey, Just a basic grass texture on the ground.
@Monsterlutz, Soon when it’s passed the review and gets released on the UE4 Marketplace.
@TimSkijwalker, Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

OP updated.

Hi this is a very nice looking grass. A question: is it possible to give it a snowy looking to it?

Does this grass material come with wind, if so is it possible to see it on video?

Hello :slight_smile:
@Alexarg, Snow option isn’t there at the moment. I will add it soon. @janpec, There are 3 wind modes included, each is customizable as well. You can see one in the performance test video I posted in the OP.

Very very happy with my purchase!

I can’t really speak about performance since I butchered your LODs, my scene isn’t optimized very much (I’m not an artist, so it’s all trial and error) and my LS Mat is rather beefy, also I don’t really have a frame of reference to go off of; but with foliage on I loose about 5-6fps at a distance of 15,000 can’t give you my desity since it changes depending on certain criteria

I’ll post a better before/after benchmark tomorrow with your default settings.

Also, is there any plans on adding some more mesh variations?

5-6 FPS sounds reasonable for a view distance of 15,000 for grass. The view distance is too high though. Usually by having a good grass texture on the ground you can barely notice the grass meshes disappearing at a distance of like 7,000 to 10,000.
I’d do updates to the material system and add more meshes later but currently I don’t have enough time.