AAA Animated Medieval Swords and Shields Pack from Ironbelly Studios

Hey thanks for sending that link over @sivan. We appreciate the feedback and will definitely make sure to incorporate some of those details going forward :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since we updated this thread but we haven’t forgotten about this pack! Work continues and we’ve started some early work on the Norse sword to match the Norse Shield:

Will these work with kubolds animations?

Hey @phantom530 yup! They work with Kubold’s animations like a charm :slight_smile:

Add Zweihander and Tower Shield too, if you may.

We will add it to our list! A bit of cross promotion on this thread and an update- our Bludgeoning Pack has been approved and should be up on the Marketplace any day now :slight_smile:

We’ve started work on the heater shield and are excited to share a first look:

Work continues on the Heater Shield, which would be perfect if you had, for example, a huge dragon breathing fire in your direction! Not quite happy with the materials quite yet but we are working on them and should have the final version of this shield ready soon!

Work on the Norse Sword continues, we’re just putting some final touches on it. Also, we’re cranking away on the crossbows and should hopefully have that pack submitted next week. Then the swords and shields are next!

any chance for dual sword anims?

there is one thing I do think is off with these textures… They are too clean and perfect and thus the pbr quality doesnt feel like its from medieval times.

This isn’t something we were planning, but definitely something we can consider!

Thanks for the feedback! We are always trying to find a balance and already incorporated “worn/dirty” sleeves on our Medieval arms pack because we knew in those days folks weren’t using bleach on their whites :slight_smile:

We are putting the finishing touches on our next Shield and are liking the looks of it! These will include new animations, such as blocking, and will be included in the swords pack. We’re hoping to get these submitted in the next few weeks as the slow simmer of summer comes to an end.

Hello guys, is this asset pack coming one day on the marketplace? As I can see that’s been one year now the thread hasn’t been updated…

Hey, thanks for asking. It’s been a long road for this pack, often we’ll start work and then pivot to other weapons when there seems to be more demand. We’ve just submitted a Medieval Starter Kit pack and are going to be updating it in the future with Swords and Shields. But I’m not sure when the stand-alone pack will launch.

Anyone interested in this pack, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Cheers!

An update on this pack, we went back to the drawing board with some of the swords to make them forgeable from scratch… Meaning instead of making a single sword we’ve made them into their components(blade with flange, grip, crossguard, pommel) so that they can be customized and used in blacksmithing games… It’s going to delay the release of the pack a bit but it will offer a lot more customization

Hello! Just purchased the Medieval Starter Kit pack! Was wondering if there are any updates regarding the swords and shields?

They are definitely in the works, hoping to get a full set of swords in there in the next couple of months

Hi there! Are there any updates as to when this is going to be released?