A theoretical idea I'd like to ask the Gurus if it's even possible...

I have a project well underway that starts the players off in a small NPC village where shipwrecked refugees have decided to colonize the area they landed in… (With me so far? :P)

My idea was to be able to start the server out with a streamed tile for this small area (carefully secluded by mountains of course) to change over time. Meaning as the server restarts are done, is there a way to change in a config file or have it set up in the actual game mechanics, to swap the tile with the starting village to another tile showing more progression, and so on.

This way as the server matures and people are playing for some time, you could incrementally change out particular tiles, either via config or have it set up in admin settings, etc, to swap a tile for another, which in my particular case would mean the city would simply look more mature, more people, bigger buildings, etc, so from a RPG aspect, it would make the server seem more dynamic. This could/would also be used, if it’s possible that is, to randomly change out “dungeons” which I am building using level streaming. So it would be simple for the server admins to change out dungeon levels or content as people lvl up and or just to make things different from time to time.

The idea here is to have this all pre-set up, so a server admin would simply have to change a config file setting or game setting, w/e to a pre-designed tile that fits the situation to either randomize more as with the dungeons, or make the appearance of progression, as in the case of the starter town.

I guess a simpler way of saying all this is can I…

Have Tile A connected to B, then through a config or setting, change to tile A-1 being connected to B.

This is set to be a multiplayer survival rpg hybrid, with quests, etc, and run by private server hosts, locally, and or single player.

Any ideas, suggestions of where to look, constructive criticism (on the idea, not my grammar. :P) would be most appreciated, and sorry if I wasn’t very clear, I’m not as good at explaining things as I am at swashbuckling ogres. :slight_smile:

PS, I did google but wasn’t sure on what terms to even be looking for and didn’t have any luck. Even the proper search string would be most appreciated! Thanks guys, you all rock and have helped this lurker bring his dreams to digital reality!

You probably wouldn’t replace the whole thing, you would have environment objects added in or removed. I’m guessing you will have changing lighting so it would need to be dynamic anyway.

Interesting, so if that’s the way to do it, could you have static meshes build up over time to a certain “max” point, then have that total timeframe resest due to a variable, like a certain NPC dying or w/e.