A special LineTrace Rendering Object

I´m developing for the Vive and I use Line Trace for Navigation and 3D Menues. I´ve seen a lot of videos where people do the same. The only little problem I have is the visual representation of the line trace. For the moment there seem to be only some options. Using the Debug Mode of Line Trace, Particles and the Debug Arrow wich allows to set a start and end point.I also tried the cable node where you can acces the location and end point, but it is pretty unstable, probabely because it´s meant to be a physics object. Actually the Debug Arrow works pretty well but I´m having the following problem with it. It want my 3D menues to render behind other objects. This is easy to do by disabling the depth test of the materials. So if someone is standing close to a wall and opens a menue it doesn´t dissapear. The problem is the Debug Arrow also renders behind my menue because you can´t change the translucency sort priority. What really would be great is a cylinder like object, basically just like a cable where you can set start and end point, that accepts materials, tiling and a change of the translucency sort prio. So you can assign it ´s start and endpoints to trace start/end or impact point. Maybe additionally it could accept a child actor to be displayed at the end point as custom tip. Well, it could be there is some other object I´m not aware of that accepts similar inputs. Any point onto the right direction is much appreciated.

Have you tried using a spline mesh?

Great, it seems this is exactly what I´m looking for. Thanks a lot !