A small request for all that posted questions.

It is not mandatory, nor do I have any way to enforce it, but for the sake of our community, please do this once you get the answer you want if you started the thread.

  1. collect your thoughts and try simply your solution from answer(ie. only graph screen cap that contains necessary info, get rid of unnecessary prints, comment important nodes)
  2. edit your FIRST post and have a section that explain the answer, so anyone in the future that might ask this question get to see the answer in first post.
  3. if you have more time, head toward answer hub and see if there are similar question asked. If none, post your question and answer there, if there are, try to help them out and leave a link to your thread.

I absolutely agree. Personally I solved my issue by getting a few hints off here, and now I have a pretty good solution. It sucks to go into a thread related to whatever you need answers to, and then at the end, the OP just says “I found a solution, thanks.” :frowning:

+1 for having an original post that has “for the sake of our community” in it




Also state in topic title if its a question, and add “solved” if it was answered


I’m moving this thread to General Discussion, by the way, so that more people can see it since this goes for every question on every aspect of the engine.