A rookie in need of help :/

Hi everyone!

I’m currently working in an architectural project, using Unreal Engine 4 to show the building in real time. I’ve started working on it recently, and I’ve come across a problem with lighting my scene. At the moment, I have only one level with only six actors (the atmospheric fog, the BO_Sky_Sphere and the player start provided with the base content, and three objects of my own). I’ve imported those three objects from 3DS Max, and I’ve started texturing them - just to try. Thing is, when I click the “design illumination button”, it doesn’t seem to design it correctly. What’s more, it doesn’t show any shadows cast from any objects. I’ll attach a couple of images to show that. I imagine this will be a silly problem I’ve come across it, but I’d like to solve it and start working once again. Thanks in advance!


All right, it took me a while but I think I’ve finally solved it. Found a possible solution regarding lightmap in another thread. I didn’t have enough samples.

Your lightmap resolution is too low

Yes, thanks for the answer! :wink: