A.R.T Tool crash when using FK

Hey everyone, I’m having a weird issue.

I’ve created a rig with the ART tool (downloaded from the marketplace)

My rig works fine, until I switch my legs or spine to FK, I can then animate for a bit, but when I scrub the timeline for a few frames Maya just freezes up, “Maya has stopped working”, until I kill the process.

I can reopen my file, but when I try to scrub the timeline it does the same thing again.

(I’m running Maya 2017)

Any ideas ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

:rolleyes: BUMP

Still running into the same issue. Here is the steps you can try yo reproduce it:

  • Run the A.R.T character rig creator
  • Leave everything default, creating the basic dummy (ruling out that it comes from my custom character)
  • Load the character for animation through the A.R.T menu
  • switch the spine and/or legs to FK
  • Animate a bit, a few rotation keys should be enough.
  • scrub the timeline back and forth; add a few more keys if necessary, repeat until crash (or not?)

Tried on 2 different computers (running the same version of Maya and A.R.T)

I didn’t try reinstalling Maya yet, but I’d appreciate it if I could spare the hassle, especially since there’s no way to know if that’d fix it.

Looking forward to any help on this.

Thanks !