A quick run down on the options in Persona?

Not really a support question at this point. But I kinda want to cut to the chase on some things if I can.

I use MotionBuilder. And I am able to do pretty much all of the editing I need. However I want to know how much of this I can do in Persona? Just as an option. Not really so much as in what is preferred way, but rather knowing what the capabilities are.

How much control is there to do the following:

Matching limbs, direction etc between two motions.

Changing a loop walk into a forward walk. (I don’t mean at run time as in 3D person) I mean changing the animation to move forward and loop as in a continuous walk.

Changing or animating a path direction. Meaning having a character walk to a vertain point and then shift direction.

Changing overall direction of animations, say between two. Kind of related to the first one. But basically to keyframe the orientation of one animation so has a better blend.

Blending in and out of rag doll physics calculations.

Dynamic parenting of weapons and props.

Probably some things I missed but that should cover most of it.