A Quick question about editing some settings.

I’ve been basically trying to learn how things work with the new ue4 and I was curious about editing a couple things in some of the examples. In the shooter pack demo you can download from the marketplace, how do you adjust things like the rate of fire on the gun, the camera, etc. I couldn’t find where things were such as movement speed, jump height, etc. Can anyone give me a quick toss in the right direction? I also wanted to see about switching to the 3rd person model. How would I also do that?

You can change the player movement speed and jump height in the PlayerPawn blueprint. Go under components and select the CharacterMovement component and you can change a bunch of movement related variables there. As far as the camera and fire rate go, I think that might all be handled with C++. I cant seem to find anywhere in blueprints that this would be done. I think the majority of the Shooter Game on the market place is C++, but I could be wrong.

that makes sense. Thanks for the reply. I assumed it was done in blueprints, but after I was unable to find anything it makes sense now it’s in C++.