A Question if this is possible and how to achieve this?

I wanted to make a game, which its genre is game dev simulation.[I dunno if this is the right forum to post this]

Like this(Please do give it a look if you’ve seen it you know what i mean)[Game Dev Tycoon Trailer] :

Well i am on the second year of programming myself atm, so i am not a total newb nor a pro , something in between. As a designer with props etc i will have no problems as i have worked with C4D before.
I have never worked on an engine before so i kinda need help, just at least guidance on what to do! I am currently designing the current starter place, but after i am finished with it what do i do next?
The game is on the [Top-Down View] is this the correct one for this genre? Will it work well?
Inicially i want the game to take place in 3 different areas, i am confused atm as of where i do this, i have the main center map do i just do the 3 places far away from each other? And i just teleport the camera to another place? I am really ignorant on what to do and how. The camera moving only to the sides i think it can be quite easy with blocking segments, so the camera cant wander that far. I wanted the interface to work pretty much the way that Game Dev Story does. Menu based is this possible? How can i start working on this? I need right click to call a menu that shows up on screen etc. I need like a intro segment not to jump straight into the game, and have a menu to go with settings and other stuff. I am watching the “Massive UE4 Tutorial Playlist” that may average like 600 hours or more, i need a month to watch them all, but i want to work as soon as possible as well :slight_smile: So some points in the right direction would really help me out!

Why am i doing this? Its a school project that i have to make until Feb 2017. I am not doing this for cash anyways, since GDTycoon had to go for fake names e.g BameGoy, so they could sell it(copyright wise), i intend to make at least the companies name alright with E3 and all that and release it for free :slight_smile:

Is unity a better way to game like this? I need help a lot, thanks a billion in advance :slight_smile:

Anyone :(?

Your question is very wide, it is hard to answer :wink:
Perhaps first have a look at this site, you will find some answers i guess:
keep up!

Thanks it helps a lot! You dont have to answer in a whole, if you have tips it’d be very helpful :3