A question about ue4, 3dsmax and photshop

I started learning UE4 and since I want to be able to create the meshes I need I started learning 3dsmax aswell. Now I understand (kind of) how the material editor works. But now I realized I also need to learn Photoshop to be able to create the textures, bumpmaps etc which I will need for my 3dsmax models…

How much practice and skill does texture creation needs? If it’s as complicated as modeling itself maybe its better if I just focus on only one of the 3 programs…

Can you suggest anything for a beginner who wants to create his own content for his projects?

a good texture can save a bad model but a good model cant save a bad texture. You need to collaborate all the three programs to be able to learn and develop your skills, set small projects for yourself like im going to make a small asset such as a chair and full texture it and model and put it into the game. Then go on from there :smiley:

Things are just getting complicated… :smiley:

I made a chair, downloaded a wood texture from google, created a bumpmap in photoshop… Didnt think it was this simple :smiley: So I finished my very first model, with material :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats “worse”, you end up using more and more tools.

zbrush, 3dsmax, ndo2, ddo, xnormal, photoshop, illustrator (or inkscape in my case) and even a camera to make photos of surfaces for possible textures :stuck_out_tongue:

It can be annoying, but the learning never stops… which is also very cool :slight_smile:

Add to this list: Substance Designer, Terragen, CrazyBump, Visual Studio,
Yes and that would be MINIMAL setup to start making things, (i did not count in music and sound software) :wink: